We are Ian and Caroline Lycett-King

There are currently six people with the name of Lycett-King, Gavin, Karli, Faith and Hermione, all living in the Melbourne area, Australia.

We have a daughter, Melanie as well, but she is now a Moorhouse.

Lycett-Kings have been around since the mid 1970s, when we got married and joined our surnames together.

We were both teachers for many years and we’re now semi-retired, making a bit of money out of examination work and living history.

Faith Lycett-KingIan and MelanieHermione Lycett-King

Family History.

Follow this link for more details

Caroline’s parents, and my sister and her husband have done all the hard work for us by researching the two sides of the family.

Caroline’s famous ancestors. Sort of.

Caroline’s grandmother was a De Ratti and there is a family link to Pope Pius XI. Not a direct ancestor for obvious reasons, but interesting.

Randolph Lycett was a well known tennis player in the 1920s.

Joseph Lycett was an artist, transported to Australia for forgery in 1813.

Ian’s famous ancestor.

There isn’t one. Ian’s ancestors seem to have been poor and nondescript. Some of the family tree goes back to the 1500s but no one famous has turned up yet.

No rich ones with a hidden fortune to find either.

Ian and Caroline on MSC Splendida

Finally got trapped by the ship’s photographer.

We’re on MSC Splendida, somewhere off the coast of Spain, celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary.

Ian and Caroline at Slag om Grolle

At the end of Slag om Grolle in October 2010. On our way back to the battlefield after setting off the mine that acted as the grande finale. 4Kg of gunpowder makes a big bang, hence the grins.

Ian and Caroline at Forte Santo Antonio Alem do Carmo,Salvador

Inside Forte Santo Antonio Alem do Carmo, Salvador, Brazil.

It was actually closed that day, but our guide appeared to know everyone in the town and got us in anyway.


Ian has a nice shiny toy, a Nikon D5500. He takes loads of photos, a few of which turn out to be quite reasonable.

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Orang utans at Paignton Zoo  

The Wardour Garrison at Stokesay Castle

Taking Caroline’s mum on holiday. Train to Genoa, cruise to Venice, via Rome, Corfu, Kotor and Split.


Some more family pictures

Gavin & Karli

Alex and Dave

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