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The International Living History Fair at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground

Next Show 2nd to 4th October 2015

This is one of several events being organised by;

Pike And Shot Events Limited

The International Living History Fair is the

 primary multi-period market place for

re-enactors, historical interpreters and

historical enthusiasts across Europe.

Photos on this page. Most of the photos were

taken by me at previous shows. A few, it's

fairly obvious which ones, are from traders'

own web pages. You may use any of my

photos for show / trader related purposes on

condition that you give a link back to this page.

 You will have to negotiate with individual

 traders for the use of their images.

Can't get to the show? Want to contact a trader that is not listed here? Try

Historical reenactment traders.

A news team called "Vintage News" paid a visit in February 2011.

This video includes a period newsreel and interviews with a number of our traders.

Take a look to see what to expect at the show!

Webmaster Ian Lycett-King


The show will be held in the newly created Exhibition Hall, conveniently located near main entrance of Bruntingthorpe.

The venue is a large building with more space than the last one. It will have an easier access, improved parking facilities and, importantly, a better heating system. There will also be better catering facilities.

The International Living History Fair now has more than one hundred regular traders and reenactment societies either selling their products or promoting their particular society.

You can now find everything from distant past history up to the latter part of the twentieth century with stands being taken by traders from all over Europe and from as far afield as North America.

The International Living History Fair exists to provide a market place, a meeting place and a fabulous opportunity for all, visitors and re-enactors alike, to meet and discuss all periods of our historical past. Many of Europe's best artisans, craftsmen and traders are on hand happy to advise on and provide a huge array of items and replicas of our historical heritage.

Important. The traders listed on this site have booked a stand for the April Fair.

Pike And Shot Events Limited cannot guarantee that the individuals shown will be at the International Living History Fair, even after they have booked. Accidents happen, vehicles break down, etc.. If you are coming to the Fair just to see a particular trader, please check with that trader beforehand.

Also important. Any stand locations given here are correct at the time of writing but they may change at the last minute. i.e. when traders arrive to set up. Alterations will be posted as soon as possible.

Information for Traders is here.

For more information on any aspect of the Fair or to book a stand, please contact:


Tel: 44 (0)1305 855817

Mob: 44 (0)7771 824495

PO Box 7217





How to get to the International Living History Fair

Map of approach to Bruntingthorpe. Don't trust your Sat-Nav

How do you get there?

Follow this link to the Bruntingthorpe travel guide.

Or try this link For a view from Google Maps

Not all Sat-Navs get you to the correct location if you put in the Bruntingthorpe post code. Please check that you are being taken to the correct entrance to the site.

Admission Prices and opening times.


Adults £5.00

Child 5-16 £2:00

Under 5's Free

Multi-day tickets. There will be discounts for 2 and 3 day tickets. Contact Dave for details or see the notices at the show.

Larger groups by arrangement, please call or email for details.


Tel: 44 (0)1305 855817

Mob: 44 (0)7771 824495

Opening Hours.

Friday 11th Apr. 12.00 - 18.00 hrs

Saturday 12th Apr 10.00 - 17.00 hrs

Sunday 13th Apr 10.00 - 16.00 hrs

Quick links for this page.

About the International Living History Fair

How to get there

Admission prices and opening hours

Seminars and workshops


There will be seminars

Each talk will last about 1 hour with follow up question and answer sessions.

The April ones were:

Friday  1500 - 1600 The build up to Waterloo – June 14th – 15th 1815

Saturday 1200 - 1300 Battle of Ligny and the Prussian retreat

Saturday 1400 - 15 00 Whatever happened to Lord Uxbridge’s leg.  Medical aspects of The Battle of Waterloo

Saturday 1500 - 1600 The Battle of Quatres Bras and retreat to Waterloo

Sunday  1100 - 1200 The Battle of Waterloo, A.M. To D’Erlon’s attack and repulse

Sunday 1200 - 1300 Whatever happened to Lord Uxbridge’s leg.  Medical aspects of The Battle of Waterloo

Sunday 1300 - 1400 The Battle of Waterloo, French Cavalry to final French rout

The October seminars will be posted as soon as they are confirmed


Tel: 44 (0)1305 855817

Mob: 44 (0)7771 824495