Luxembourg by campervan and bicycle


We cycled from Reisdorf to Vianden via a very rough and hilly back road. Thank goodness for batteries. The tourist office is by the main bridge at the lower end of the old town. We found a map of the wall walk there and decided to leave the bikes and walk up to the castle

Vianden castle and bell tower from town wallsThe walk gives good views of the old town and the castle. There are also a number of information boards explaining the history of the place.

The walk comes out at the top of Grande Rue, the main street of the town. There is then a further climb up to the castle entrance.

The byzantine gallery in Vianden castleThe castle was in a ruinous condition before being taken over by the state and almost completely restored. This is the Byzantine Gallery, a ball room sized area built in the Romanesque style with large open windows.

Vianden Castle, upper chapelThis is the Upper Chapel, for the nobility only. The hole between the pillars opens into the Lower Chapel. A much rougher space on the floor below, where the common people could hear the service but not upset the nobility by being visible.

Too long: didn’t read

Next week’s free, lets have a holiday, how about Luxembourg?

Booked a ferry and a couple of campsites and drove to Dover. Evening ferry to Dunkirk and an overnight at an aire just inside Belgium.

Drove to the campsite at Reisdorf.

Cycled to Vianden for the castle, came back via Germany just to say we’d been there. It was about a 1Km detour.

Cycled to Echternach for a look around and on to Mullerthal for some walking.

Drove to a campsite in Mersch, a few miles outside the City of Luxembourg.

Train and walking around in the City of Luxembourg for a couple of days and a train trip to Grevenmacher with the bicycles.

Drove back to Dunkirk via France.

Campervan at Reisdorf campsite

Our campervan at Camping de la Sûre, Reisdorf.

A lovely spot by the River Sauer and close to a network of cycle paths.

Our e-bikes on the train

We used electric bikes to get around in Luxembourg. For longer journeys we took the bikes by train. Here we’re on our way to Grevenmacher. The buses have spaces for bikes as well.

Mullerthal to Consdorf walk

Caroline on part of the Mullerthal trail.The path goes through a narrow cleft where the two rock walls join at the left of the picture.

A few highlights

Little things that we liked, your tastes may differ.

A childrens trebuchet at Vianden

A model trebuchet for children to climb on. It’s one of several medieval themed playthings in a park area outside the town walls of Vianden. Follow the wall walk to find them.

Pillars with hollow masks outside the palace

One of a set of pillars outside the Grand Duke’s Palace in the City of Luxembourg . The faces are hollow and appear to change to solid as you move past them.

Signposts for the walking trails around Mullerthal

The signposting on the walking trails. Clear and frequent. You shouldn’t get easily lost. The cycle paths are nearly as good



Bernard Massard, winery tour and tasting. A tour of the winery. In our case, just us and the guide, it was a bit out of season. It includes a glass of wine and nibbles in a very comfortable lounge overlooking the river. All for what you’d pay for just the glass of wine in a bar.

Echternach Rathous, old town hallEchternach town hall. There is a historical trail around Echternach. Maps available at the tourist office. There’s a surprising amount of the medieval city still there.

Casemates unter the Bock promentaryThe City of Luxembourg’s fortifications, The Casemates. There are miles of passages and rooms dug into the rock on the north side of the river. The ones under the Bock promontory can be visited.

Casemate tunnels

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