Resources for ICT teachers and students

The material was mainly developed for IGCSE ICT from Pearson / Edexcel, but should be useful for other courses as well

Please note that although I have been involved with examining for many years, I am NOT a representative of any examining board. Nothing on this site should be construed as official advice.

Linked sites were safe when last looked at, please let us know if you find anything horrible.

The material is organised around the IGCSE ICT (4IT0) learning objectives (LOs). There is one page per LO. The introduction page is here.

The intention is that the site should be useful for other ICT courses at a similar level and to people who are simply interested in the topic, so their content is not restricted to the IGCSE ICT (4IT0) specification.

Changes to the ICT website

The current IGCSE ICT course (4IT0) is finishing in 2018.

It is being replaced by a new course, (4IT1) this is a link to a pdf of the specification.

Much of the material is the same, but I will be taking the opportunity to rewrite the ICT website to make more useful for ICT teachers and students at IGCSE / GCSE level.

This will take a while, and I’ll keep the original site going while I do it, or possibly have them going in parallel, but if you’re using the original site for study or teaching, you may wish to make an offline copy.

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