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Historical Reenactment Traders


Historical Period Index

This is a listing of reenactment traders, set out by historical periods, covering everything from the stone age to modern times.

The index is organised into dates and time periods, e.g. 1001 - 1101 / 11th Century or  Early Middle Ages.

In most cases, I have taken the date / period information from the trader's web site. I have tried to include each trader under each time / period that they deal with but may have missed a few. There is also the possibility that a trader who normally deals with e.g. Viking items, may stock the occasional anachronism from e.g. the Tudor period, so don't take the listings as definitive.

The images used to illustrate each period, category, etc. are from Public Domain sources. Please feel free to use them.

Want to be listed in the directory?

Just follow the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

Please note that the entries in these listings give a very brief description of what each trader sells. Please look at each trader's site or in the what they sell index if you don't see the item you need.

For time periods for materials to make things yourself, or services such as management, education or insurance,

see 2001 onwards / 21st century or Modern

This site gives details of traders who supply the historical reenactment community.

Listings are indexed alphabetically, by historical period and by items being sold,

The Alphabetical Index is Here

What they sell index

Indexed items link to categories.

So, e.g. any item of clothing links to the Clothing section, anything edible or drinkable links to the Food and Drink section.

Where an item could reasonably be in more than one section, I have linked it to the one that has the most similar items, or I have given it two links. e.g. Knives, domestic use and Knives, weapons.

Yes, I'm well aware that domestic knives may be used as weapons and that some people eat with their daggers, but if I tried to make links that covered every possibility things would soon get unworkable and very silly.

Inside each category section, I have linked to all the traders that appear to have something that would fit in that category. I've then listed most of the items that they sell / have on their web site. I have also linked to all the other categories that the trader appears under.

But it's wrong!!!!!

That's quite likely. I've tried to get everything right but this is a pretty complex setup and mistakes happen. Also I've got most of the information about who sells what by looking at web sites. If they change I won't know about it.

If you see a mistake, typo, wrong link etc. on this site, please tell me and I'll fix it as soon as I can.

If the mistake is on a trader's site, please tell them, I cannot fix other people's sites.

Who pays for this site?  Short answer, me.

Longer answer, still me, but you’re welcome to make a small, or large, donation.

The traders do not pay for an entry and I do not get commission from them, so any transaction that you make with a trader is strictly between you and them. I cannot fix things if they go wrong.

Much of the text is supplied by traders. I have accepted it in good faith. The directory is presented as it is. If you find a mistake please tell me and I'll try and correct it.

Links to trader web sites worked when I put them in. If you find a broken or redirected link, please tell me and I'll change it. Please note that I am not responsible for the content of external sites. The Trader sites were safe when I last looked at them. I cannot really check on the sites linked to by the Google Adsense adverts as they keep changing. If you find anything nasty please let me know and I’ll do what I can to remove that advert.

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