Ian & Caroline, spending the kids’ inheritance

An occasional blog about where we've been and what we've done. Some of our events, voyages and excursions from the last few years.

A few of them have earned us money, rather more have soaked up the cash instead. But our children keep saying we can’t take it with us, so we’ll keep on having fun.

Each box below gives a picture and brief description, with a link to a further page containing more detail.

Proper preparation and planning prevents poor performance, most of the time.

For most of our trips we use our campervan, AirBnB, or timeshare points. Caroline has a couple of interesting food allergies and Ian gets travel sick on coaches, so we avoid package tours.

Planning it all is part of the fun, except when it’s exasperating. Ian does the research and booking, Caroline keeps him under control and organises the paperwork.

Navigation and translation apps on our tablets are invaluable while we’re away.

MSC Poesia docked at Corfu. Link to blog page

Taking Caroline’s mum on holiday. Trains to Genoa via France. Cruise to Venice, via Rome, Corfu, Kotor and Split. Three days in Venice, then trains back home via Germany.

City of Luxembourg

Campervan and electric bicycles on a short visit to Luxembourg. We could only get away for a week and that’s nowhere near long enough to se it all.

Narrowboat trip from Worcester to Stafford. Link to blog page

A narrowboat trip from Worcester to Stafford and back. We’ve had a timeshare on a boat for about 25 years and still enjoy a holiday on the canals.

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